Malan & Barista Lambrechts

P.O. Box 31947, Windhoek,


Malan: +264 - 812706188

Barista: +264 - 812955892

Tel-Fax 264 61 238772


GPS co-ordinates

Ranch buildings S 22 52’ 32.97, E 16 41’ 29.09

Turn-off to ranch S 22 54’ 05.01, E 16 41’ 53.5

Gemsbok on Arub Safari ranch


Arub Safaris

The gemsbok are moving south following the rains that have recently brought life to the

Khomas Hochland. Our ranch has seen good rains and the dam is filling.

Every year we at Arub Safaris welcome them, as we also welcome all the antelope that

now graze our tall grass and grow fat and multiply.

Your journey from the airport will take you south of Windhoek to our home beside a

hidden lake, deep in the Khomas Hochland mountains. And here, in the lonely vastness,

you will hunt and never forget, and, never really leave.

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