First we look over your gear, then zero the rifles and bows and take you for a game drive to get

acclimatized. Often happens during the early hours of the first day out that you see the perfect

trophy and can’t wait for the night to pass and the grey pinking of the eastern horizon to speed up

and provide shooting light.

During our first evening we’ll sketch in your hunt itinerary - evaluating your fitness level, the

trophies you want and the habitat we need to target. Is it the whole hunt experience you’re looking

for, or, are you focussed on a representative animal, or, experienced and looking to harvest an

animal better than the one you have?

Finish your coffee and step out into the gloved cold, and join Malan on the trail and learn more

about hunting Africa and what 'walk and stalk' really mean to the body and soul.

Hunting concessions in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and South Africa support his offer, which

includes The Big Five and plainsgame. Malan will guide you all over Namibia & Southern Africa

in search of the ultimate thrill of your life - your best trophy. The experience will have you

returning, year after year, and ultimately with your family, so they too can experience this African


Families join their Dads

Fathers return home, tanned and with a far-

off gaze and keen to share everything with

their families.

Sons listen wide-eyed, and start begging

Dad to take them to Africa too.

We welcome hunting wives and families,

and love the jesting around our camp fires,

their stories and laughter adding so much

more to our safaris.

The night sounds along the lake shore often

interrupt conversation, as, wide eyed, a

guest will ask ‘what made that sound, are

we safe?’.....

Amazing trophy quality kudu Hunters wives often join their husbands on safari Game rich concessions all over Southern Africa Malan and hunter on the trail

Walk and stalk

Hunting is mostly done by walking and stalking. On this 8000 ha (around 30,000 acres) of unspoilt

African land the game roam free. There are no high fences to enclose them - this is the challenge for

our hunters.

For many it is a hard, intense journey and utterly addictive. There’s a trophy kudu on the far hillside

in this photograph and it may take most of the day to reach him and set up a good shot.

Hunting Concessions

To meet your trophy needs for the more

exotic species and the Big Five, such as

Buffalo, Lion, Hippo, Rhino and Elephant,

we have exclusive use of excellent hunting

concessions in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and

South Africa.

Malan will guide you all over Namibia &

Southern Africa in search of the ultimate

thrill of your life - your best trophy.

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