Arub Safaris hunting vehicle Your home while on safari, the Arub Safaris ranch A very proud Arub Safaris client with huge leopard Welcome to Namibia and our  home in the Khomas Hochland YOUR HOSTS    Arub Safaris is a privately owned game ranch in a wilderness dominated by rolling hills and savannah grasslands. Your hosts Malan and Barista Lambrechts grew up here, and, have farmed and developed their huge property as a truly sustainable wild life refuge. The ranch is a mecca for Namibia’s free ranging game and his love and respect for the wild is echoed in his wife Barista and their twin boys.  YOUR LODGINGS   The luxurious ranch buildings and infrastructure are yours to enjoy while you adventure with Arub Safaris. Surrounded by vast expanses of wild Namibia, and unchanged for thousands of years, you will at first stand transfixed and then want to get to exploring the wilderness around you.    THE HUNTING   The whole hunt experience: learning to ‘feel the wind’, read track and ultimately, choose the trophy you have always wanted. It’s why you return year after year, adding skills and knowledge, until you catch the approving  eye of your mentor - Malan Lambrechts. And, that’s a good feeling. Plainsgame, the Big Five, scaling mountains of rock to meet the early morning sun.....its all there.   THE GALLERIES  How to relive those incredible sunsets? Bring your cameras, because its certain you will want to take your safari home with you. Mostly, of course, you want to share your incredible African Experience with family and friends. Here we show some of the trophy shots from over  the years and remember ‘that moment’ to this day. Host and professional hunter Malan Lambrechts Arub Safaris photo galleries show our excellent trophies
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