Our Ranch, your safari home during your stay with us.

For most of our clients, first stop is Hosea Kutako International Airport. Then, on to Windhoek,

where we do some last minute shopping, and southwards for around two hours before turning west

to the Arub Safaris ranch. Your excitement builds, for you are at journey’s end now and eager to

spot a distant kudu, one who, in turn, watches you.

Celebrating success

Getting a group of hunters together makes for

a hilarious evening! Hunting stories and hunting

experiences fill the warm night air till late.

As your hunt progresses your hunting skills

and wildlife understanding will grow as your

host and owner of Arub Safaris, Malan, speaks

of Africa and hunting its endless savannahs and


Safari lodge bedroom Relax on the pool deck alongside the lake After a venison dinner its time to plan tomorrow's hunt After a long day hunting - its time to enjoy a swim Beautifully appointed Arub Safaris ranch

So, so comfortable

And, as you step back into reality, there are two

double bedrooms complete with en-suite

bathrooms to choose from. Here you can relax and

clean up and make a home from home and from

where you will begin your safari.

You will enjoy your stay with Arub Safaris in the

Khomas Hochland!

Step outside and you’re in Africa

Malan enjoys a barbecue and his clients

frequently insist on eating the venison

they’ve harvested during their visit. A

favourite snack, one that can take the edge

off a fresh air appetite and often becomes a

meal all of its own, is the African version of

jerky or wind dried meat, or biltong made

from animals recently harvested.

A lake in the semi desert

When the cool wash of the storm winds

race across the ranch, we go outside and

wait, knowing that soon the rolling flood

water will appear at the bend, up river, and

race to fill the lake.

In a few days we will be surrounded by a

deep blue lake, and watch paradise bloom

as the air fills with the sounds of thousands

of waterbirds.

Arub Safaris

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