“Everything was top class: food, service, guidance, availability of game and leisure time!”

Alexander Egorov – Russia

“Thanks again for one of the best times of my life.” Michael Haycox – California

“Most of all, thanks for making us feel friends before clients.” Tiziano Terzi – Italy

“You made us feel part of your family. This was the best hunt I have ever experienced!”

Roger Tokheim – Minnesota

“Our best hunting visit to Africa, thanks Malan & Barista.” Stuart Cuthell – U.K.

“Besides being the first-class PH he is, Malan has also taken the time to show us parts

of the farm, or just stopped on top of a hill to enjoy the sunset. Thank you for that.”

Henrik Svendsen – Denmark

“A truly fantastic hunt and wonderful hospitality!” Rick Steiner – Colorado

“Time came too soon to leave this paradise on earth. Most wonderful persons all

of you.” Lars Blomqvist – Sweden

“It was extremely wonderful to hunt with a PH like Malan, he understands the bush

and game very well.” Dr Dabir Alam – Pakistan

“We are so thankful for your ethical attitude to hunting, your consideration of taking

care of the nature and we will with no doubt recommend Arub Safaris to friends and

colleagues.” Lars Tilly – Sweden

“For sure I want to come back, as such good experience cannot be lived only once!!”

Davide Polidori – Italy

“The hunting has been a living dream, thank you all!” Sanna Svard – Sweden

“Thanks for a fantastic hunt and your super hospitality!” Harvey Stern – Canada

“Malan and Barista made my dream safari come true - they are the BEST!”

Ronald Ulman – Arizona

“An unforgettable experience that I want to repeat!!!” Giorgio Bigarelli – Italy

“Our children enjoyed it just as much, thanks.” Family Olesen – Denmark

Malan and hunter on the trail
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